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By joining the Common Law Society’s private chat rooms you will be able to collaborate, learn and gain empowerment from others. Our platform promotes freedom of opinion, and expression and is 100% privately owned by the people, and developed for the people. No corporations, governments or NGO’s.

We are encouraging the setup of common law assemblies, you can either join an existing group, or setup your own private group and discussion forum, then invite members of your community. Your annual subscription is $12.95, this is used to maintain and administer the website. When funds build they will be used to finance and support the common law court sheriffs.

peoples assemblies

The Peoples’ Assemblies

Growing numbers of people are re-learning their inborn freedom and reclaiming the law and the land for themselves. Great movements of liberation are like a mighty rush of steam, rising from below to topple tyranny and remake the world.

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New Zealand: a State of Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act on the Australian Government website, under Federal Register of Legislation, dated 2013, identifies New Zealand as a State of Australia.
What does this mean for New Zealanders?

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Banks definition

BANKING principles

How do BANKS really work when “Money” and “DOLLARS” are completely separate “things”. A DOLLAR is a Military or Company Scrip, an internal bank note or promise to pay at some point in the future and only relates to the “internal” private account holders of such a private “corporate” banking entity.

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