New Zealand: a State of Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act on the Australian Government website, under Federal Register of Legislation, dated 2013, identifies New Zealand as a State of Australia.

An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, Section 6. Definitions, that the The Commonwealth shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia as established under this Act.

The States shall mean such of the colonies of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia, including the northern territory of South Australia, as for the time being are parts of the Commonwealth, and such colonies or territories as may be admitted into or established by the Commonwealth as States; and each of such parts of the Commonwealth shall be called a State.

FACT CHECK: An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, 6. Definitions:

Discussion Topic: It’s time for all Australians’ and New Zealanders’ to unite. We must come together; the original people, who hold sovereign title and an oath of stewardship to the land, and all races born of the land. We are at war with the Corporate Government System that wants complete dominance and control of all of earths assets. Through Common Law Court Assemblies and the Original Peoples’ Common Law we hold the supreme law of the land.

The tools they have deployed: ANZSOG School of Government

In a recent dig on the internet I came across the ANZSOG, the Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand School of Government, ‘created by Government for Government‘. They provide educational programs and thought leadership focused on meeting the challenges faced by Government to deliver better outcomes for the public. That doesn’t sound so bad until you dig a little deeper and you research their educational partnerships. One partner is The Behavioural Insights Team, they deliver behavioural insights to inform Government and aid with policy making.

Behavioural Insights: how to control people

Behavioural insights involves the study of human behaviour, often drawing on empirical research in fields including economics, psychology and sociology. The Government pays organisations to monitor human behaviour to learn how to manipulate the people into accepting their policies, the policies are always profit focused to met the objectives of the NZ Government Corporation’s annual plan. Their latest goal is to monetise every facet of life and control any and all dissidents. They will achieve this with a complex system of monitoring and rewarding. The monitoring is done with your mobile phone and facial recognition, eventually our monetary system will be fully digital, this will allow them to be able to control your access to everything, from your own bank account, and your ability to access funds, through to entry into a store or the supermarket. It’s happening under the disguise of Covid, they are controlling and limiting your access to most of your essentials for life. Below in an extract from the NZ Government website.

Behavioural Insights: Ideal circumstances for use

  • You are seeking to change the behaviour of people, groups or organisations.
  • You want to understand an issue or situation from the perspective of end-users.
  • You are working in an early stage of policy development, where there is still room to shape the design.
  • Previous policies, incentives or approaches in your context have underperformed, but there is no general consensus on why.

Fact check:

Here you can DOWNLOAD THE MINDSPACE BOOK the framework used by Government to aid policy making.

All OECD countries under the catch phrase of ‘Better Policies for Better Lives’ are using these tools and techniques to mind control the people.

To integrate with this control system Microsoft is developing a Trust Stamp technology, GLOBAL IDENTITY VERIFICATION – The most comprehensive AI-powered facial bio-metric identity authentication solution. This will be a program that will automatically deploy to your mobile phone, without this technology you will be denied access to the essentials of life and any dissidents will be isolated or incarcerated.

The Solution – Common Law Assemblies

Australia is about to launch a website platform where you can register your birth and instantly receive a copy of your birth certificate via email. This will allow you to remove yourself from the Jurisdiction of the Government and allow you to stand under Common Law. If you have already registered on the UK and International website that is fine you can register on more than one website.

We need to united – We must come together; the original people, who hold sovereign title and an oath of stewardship to the land, and all races born of the land. Through Common Law Assemblies and the Original Peoples’ Common Law we hold the supreme law of the land.

Links to the new platform will soon be available. Countries currently signed up to be involved are: Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

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  1. Hi @longbow, How are you over there on the West Coast? With the handle @longbow I have to ask the question, are you an archer? Back on topic … You asked, how would you begin to research such things, can you define your question.

  2. This is very interesting as both governments seem to be illegitimate or de facto anyway. Australia has 2 of everything, ie 2x constitutions, 2x parliaments, 2x coat of arms, 2 x governments? Both NZ and Aus had societies already established on the lands when Captain Cook arrived, so has there been some slick occult legislating implemented to sidestep this fact? Look into the Interpretation acts and the use of the ‘inclusio, exclusio’ maxims in legislation and it could be established that the geographical area known as australia is actually Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island, similarly NZ could be interpreted as The Cook Islands, Niue and Ross dependency. These issues aside NZ has its unlawful sovereignty issues and this one is being kept very quiet:

  3. What the peoples of New Zealand need to know is that the Treaty Ground is the counterfeit. The Declaration of Independence of New Zealand 28th October 1835 & and also Treaty of Waitangi 6th February 1840 were not signed at the so called Government Treaty Ground where this fraud is played out year in year out. Both these Historical National Documents were signed more than a km away south of Titi Marae under the cover of a small tent was witnessed by the Crown Resident present.These two documents give all New Zealand born Peoples no matter their creed or color Sovereignty not just Maori on the land and surrounding waters. The truth will always remain the truth even when it is stranger than fiction.

    1. Hi Luke, thanks for posting an excellent podcast with Dan Hermansen, we desperately need more people to question the narrative and begin to wake up to the deception of our fraudulent Government. I wonder what results our elections will bring? That’s if our votes even matter or count. Our Governments are just corporate franchises with appointed CEO’s, do the people actually have a voice?