Notice to World Leaders/Heads of State

Notice to World Leaders and Heads of State

Common Law Court New Zealand & International

Lawful Notice – 6th April 2020

We the people write to you on the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath. Like our ancestors before us, we find ourselves in a position whereby the people are being attacked by the unaccountable state, on a daily basis. Crimes against the people are no longer acceptable and to address this unlawful behaviour, the people have confirmed their inherent and inalienable right to stand together and have created their own Declaration for their Common Law Court on the 3rd January 2019.

Declaration of the Common Law Court – 3rd January 2019

To all living men and women we hear by stand united and submit this Declaration to the Common Law Court book of deeds for preservation for all time.

We the people have inherent birth rights, established by our creator, which protect us from harm, loss and injury from others. For many years now, men and women have been subjected to criminal and  fraudulent behavior by the state’s actions which had been imposed upon us, against our will, by both criminal coercion and legal deception. Fear and fiction have thus combined to bind us into slavery.

The state has committed attacks, injustices, killings, robberies, theft, unlawful imprisonment and countless other enormous outrages against the people, spearing no one on account of age, sex or position. To this robbery, slaughter and plunder they give the lying name of “Government”, they have stripped us of our ancient freedoms and call it “progress”.

We, the people, can no longer endure such assaults on our loved ones and personal freedoms and here by confirm our inherent right to stand under the jurisdiction of Common Law. Based, as it is, on the timeless laws which govern the conduct of men and were established by our creator in the days of old and remembered and loved by our fathers as they built our nations. We will hold this without ceasing for any man.

Borrowing from the declaration of our ancestors, made in Arbroath in 1320, we declare that, as long as but a 100 of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be bought under mandatory rule by legal statue. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honor, that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

This declaration is signed below by a sample of the men and women who stand united under the jurisdiction of Common Law Court. This declaration is here by recorded into the Common Law Court ‘Book of Deeds’ on the 3rd of January 2019 for preservation for all time.

It is because of the continued treason crimes against the people, perpetrated by the servants of commercial statutory system, that this Notice has been issued.

This lawful notice confirms the position of those standing under the Common Law and the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court.

Should you wish to contest this matter, you should outline in writing the basis for your claim within 30 days of your receipt of this notice. You will thereafter  be invited to present your case to a jury of your peers who will adjudicate the matter.

In the event that you choose not to challenge or rebut this notice within the allotted 30 days, this will be taken as tacit consent to the content of the declaration and to the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court for those who have submitted a Declaration of their Birth to the Common Law Court.

You should note that any attempt to enforce a legal act or statute against a living man or woman, without their consent, constitutes a crime and that all those who have submitted their Birth Declaration to the Common Law Court have expressly withdrawn their consent. You may be held personally accountable if you disregard these rights.

Any response to this Deed should be sent by email to

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  1. Brilliant and much needed in these times of abhorrent breach of fundamental human rights by our govts. Can you tell me if your site has the forms required to protect ourselves from mandated vaccinations etc? Birth Declaration forms?
    Many thanks!

    “You should note that any attempt to enforce a legal act or statute against a living man or woman, without their consent, constitutes a crime and that all those who have submitted their Birth Declaration to the Common Law Court have expressly withdrawn their consent. You may be held personally accountable if you disregard these rights.

    1. Hi Amata, We are currently working on a form you can use to lawfully decline a vaccination. We will post this to the site once completed this should be available in the coming week. Birth declaration forms, you can register your birth and reclaim your legal fiction through the Common Law International website, this is a register for all living men, women and children. You can also apply for a Common Law identification card to show you are standing under common law. Please visit to read and learn more on this process.

      1. Kiaora @xena ,

        1. Yous emailed me on 17 July stating that yous were looking at getting the NZ CLC cards done here!

        2. So my question is, why are yous wasting time & $$$ sending everyone to get them from ENGLAND?

        3. Yous know as well as I do that they have a BACK LOG & people are MANY MONTHS OVERDUE GETTING THEIR CARDS etc!

        4. WE DON’T NEED THEM to DO the CARDS!

        5. As I INDICATED in MY EMAIL, I ALREADY have someone LOCAL that can PUMP THEM OUT to ORDER!

        6. A lot CHEAPER & QUICKER!


        1. Hi TK, you are totally correct we do need to work together and draw on our strengths. It has become evident we need to creating our own cards. I was hoping the UK would get their shit together but it is not happening. The issue has been the software to manage the registrations, the security to securely store the data and then the data merging to create the cards. We need our own data register but that takes coding expertise and money. The Australians are just about to launch their platform which will allow for birth registration and instant certificates. They are making it so all countries can have their own portal. It should be live in the coming weeks then we just need to sort how to manage that data to enable us to print our own cards. Could you forward to me again the business you know that can print the cards. Many thanks TK.

      2. @xena

        I firmly suggest that yous CEASE & DESIST USING the WORD BIRTH in any documents including on the CLC NZ website.


        I therefore recommend using the word BORN INSTEAD!



        1. Hi TK
          The Vaccine Notice is well written document ; However there is a problem with the heading style. The all capitals Notice is referred to as Dog Latin or a Glosses Sign. This is the style of Grammar used on tomb stones. Which means it is dead and reads as nothing on the paper and voids it from the document. Another dirty trick of legalese. In order for it to be legible Hyphens must be placed between each word when ever all capital words are used in written language. When two or more written words are used to gloss a single sign The sign for ” a car drove by” is written as VEHICLE – DRIVE – BY. Taken from ; The Chicago Manual of Style Sixteenth Edition, Page 576 = 11.147 the Notice just needs to be amended with the Hyphens. To deliver the affect required brother and we never put a sentence or power-graph in a box that also voids it form the document. The uses of Italics writing and type also reads as nothing and voids it from the document. Its is not just the written word but also the grammar that we were never taught the public fool system. Legalese just wasn’t even mentioned that’s why a lot of the people have no idea what the difference between Legal and Lawful is.Just trying to help get message out there ; working as a team is the only way to get it done brothers & sisters.

          1. Thanks Luke, I’ve just watched this very thing being address on the Justinian Deception YouTube Channel. I’ll amend the forms and resubmit them onto the platform. Many thanks my brother and much love.

  2. Nice, so good to see people taking extreme pride in this beautiful country, our grandparents kicked em in the ass and so can we🥂