Welcome to the Common Law Society’s online community

Welcome to the Common Law Society’s Online Community. This is a private social networking platform that is brought to you ‘by the people for the people’. There is no company, corporation, government or NGO that is associated with the Common Law Society. This is a community where freedom of speech is respected, and alternative views are welcome.

Our aim is to foster the sharing of knowledge and provide educational courses and discussion forums on Common Law. Common Law is the human manifestation of the Universal Natural Law, and creates no hierarchy or dominating force over people. On the contrary, common law engenders and defends the natural liberty and just equality of all people without regard to rank or distinction.

We summarize this Natural Liberty and the basis of Common Law as follows

Every man, woman and child is born and is by nature free, equal and sovereign, and possesses an inherent knowledge of what is true and right. Accordingly, no-one can be subordinated to another or to any external authority, since every inherent wisdom and liberty makes them complete and sufficient creations in themselves, within a wider community of equals.

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  1. Thank you❤️ I love what I’m reading we have known this for so long but had no network no forum no one to connect with. I’m excited. This is big. I am spreading word about this group to al of my contacts who are genuinely passionate about removing themselves from admiralty law and living free under common law. Bring on our 2000 members! So again.. thank you❤️❤️❤️